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Archive for the ‘Interviews’ Category

More Radical Than the EFF? Justice Malala Grills AgangSA Party Leader, Andries Tlouamma (Video)

Let Them Eat CakeJustice Malala, political commentator and author of Let Them Eat Cake, recently invited AgangSA’s acting president, Andries Tlouamma, to the Justice Factor on eNCA.

In the introduction, Malala ponders on the future of Agang: “What is it achieving and can it be a viable party at all?”

Malala probes how Tlouamma became the president of Agang, what the party stands for today, and how Agang aims to become, as they’ve vowed in the media, “more radical than the EFF”.

“We don’t want to be a party that functions in the sky, we want to be in the communities,” Tlouamma says, adding that it’s important to thank Mamphela Ramphele for what she did for Agang.

Watch the video:


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Brigalia Bam, Former IEC Chairperson, Explains Why She Penned Her Autobiography

Democracy, More than Just ElectionsBrigalia Bam, former Independent Electoral Commission chairperson, was recently interviewed by Dumisane Lubisi for News24 about her recently published autobiography Democracy, More than Just Elections.

Bam’s interview was a few hours before her book launch. She said she was a little nervous for the launch, saying: “people might ask me difficult questions, which I want to make sure I answer”.

She goes on to explain why she wrote the book and what she hopes readers will take away from her story and the lessons she learned at the helm of the South African electoral process.

Read the interview:

Why write the book now?

My biography was my major preoccupation in the beginning, and we had to get that done.

It never occurred to me that I should write a book on elections. It was not my idea, but that of Rich Mkhondo, who had worked with us for a very long time. The idea was very much supported by the publishers. It was his idea because he loves elections – anything that has to do with elections he writes about – and he was also a speech writer at the Electoral Commission. So, with that enthusiasm on his part, we started on the book.

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Why didn’t SARS Sequestrate Julius Malema? Justice Malala Asks EFF Chairperson Dali Mpofu

Let Them Eat CakeJustice Malala recently invited the National Chairperson of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Advocate Dali Mpofu, on the Justice Factor show to talk about SARS’ sequestration case against EFF leader Julius Malema.

Cutting straight to the point, the Let Them Eat Cake author asks if the party truly believes that there is a “hidden hand in this matter”. Mpofu says once Sars reneged on their original agreement with Malema it became clear that there was another motive behind their actions.

Malala asks: “What then would have led to the flip, the total 360 degree change in Sars, who then instructed their legal representatives at 4 PM to abandon the case?”

This leads him to ask another pertinent question: “Is Sars an institution that is compromised and what do we do about it?”

Watch the video for this riveting conversation:


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Podcast: Sam Motsuenyane Recalls How His Father’s Ambition Inspired Him

A Testament of HopeSam Motsuenyane talked to Ubuntu Radio about his book, A Testament of Hope: The Autobiography of Dr Sam Motsuenyane.

Motsuenyane, who is one of South Africa’s most esteemed business leaders, spoke to JP Louw about his humble beginnings on a farm in Potchefstroom, and recalled how his interest in business arose.

The seventh of eight children, Motsuenyane says it was his father’s indomitable ambition that inspired him to achieve greatness: “I was one of the last children of my father, and probably got more attention at that time from my parents, because most of [my siblings] were not as fortunate as I was to go to school to the same extent. I was lucky that my father, right when I started school, said: ‘I would like you one day to go America and study there.’ And I got inspired by the ambition that my father had for me before I even went to form one [standard seven].”

Listen to the full podcast:

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Video: Let Them Eat Cake Author Justice Malala Questions “More Radical” ANC

Let Them Eat CakeIn the wake of the ANC launching its 2014 election manifesto, Justice Malala, author of Let Them Eat Cake, says the party finds itself in “a very, very difficult position”.

The ANC revealed their election promises at a packed Mbombela Stadium in Mpumalanga on Saturday, but in an interview with eNCA Malala says the “radical” ideas the ruling party put forward are merely a strategy to help them keep pace with the EFF, saying, “I was interested in, for example, radical economic transformation. What is radical? What exactly do you mean by that? What’s your focus for the next five years?”

YouTube Preview Image

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Justice Malala Reflects on the Lessons that Nelson Mandela Has Taught Us

Let Them Eat CakeIn a tribute in The Guardian, Justice Malala, author of Let Them Eat Cake, mourns the death of South Africa’s first democratic president, Nelson Mandela, but also says: “This is not a time to weep. This is a time to celebrate a life well lived, a man who stood fearful – like the rest of us – at the door of history and yet chose to brave the storm.”

He reflects on the lessons and values that Mandela’s life has taught us: “a love for the poor and downtrodden, a great spirit for love and forgiveness, an intolerance of racism and patriarchy, a rejection of corruption and greed”. He says, “These are the values we should emulate and celebrate”.

Nelson Mandela, global hero, died on Thursday night. We had steeled ourselves for it in the months of his hospitalisation over the past year and half. Yet, we are in shock.

We mourn him. We mourn him because in his 95 years, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela has taught us how to live.

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