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Michelle Obama’s Arms, Khanyi Mbau’s Power and Jacob Zuma’s Wives: How to Marry a Politician and Survive Launched at Love Books

Nia Magoulianiti-McGregor and Pamela Nomvete

There was great hilarity as How to Marry a Politician and Survive, by Nia Magoulianiti-McGregor, was launched at Love Books with Pamela Nomvete recently. There were many luminaries in attendance, including Moeletsi Mbeki, the man behind KMM Review.

Nia Magoulianiti-McGregorHow to Marry a Politician and SurviveNomvete opened up the conversation by asking Magoulianiti-McGregor: “What made you write the book?”

Magoulianiti-McGregor, grinning, said, “I think I’m going to hand this question over to Moeletsi.”

To which Mbeki quipped: “Too much red wine!”

“We were sitting at a lunch,” Magoulianiti-McGregor explained, “and we were just talking about politicians and we started laughing about them. And Moeletsi said: ‘You’ve got to write the book!’, and I said: ‘Sure. I’ll call you next year.’ It was very random.”

How to Marry a Politician and Survive is a tongue-in-cheek how-to guide for those wishing to bag a rich politician. As part of her explanatory notes, Magoulianiti-McGregor divided politicians into different categories, such as “Working-class Hero”, “The Opposition Oke”, “The Old Trade-Unionist”, and goes into some detail about their personalities.

“Well, you can use their narcissistic personalities to your advantage,” the author said, “but you have to know what you’re dealing with.”

But Nomvete said she had already heard that Magoulianiti-McGregor has been accused of sexism …

“I thought I’d taken feminism back 20 years,” Magoulianiti-McGregor said lightheartedly, “which I even mention in the foreword. But I was told today I had taken it back 30 years!

“I just think, in a third world country you can’t afford to be too PC about these things. There are people who need a leg up, and they’re gonna take it!” she said, to screams of laughter from the audience.

“It’s a bit of a celebration of South African politicians, and us who complain about them and yet enjoy the quirkiness around them. So it’s more than just a how-to guide.”

“The cover’s great, isn’t it?” said Nomvete, before adding that she saw the book as a clever satire on the world of the celebrity politician.

“Even though it has elements of frivolity,” Nomvete said, “there are lots of layers in it, and I took it as a social commentary of what’s going on in our society.”

Magoulianiti-McGregor said she believes “even feminists” will enjoy her book.

“There’s something sexy about power,” she said, “and I think most women in the room would agree with that. I suppose a politician, with the power to change laws, with the power to take you to SONA with that red carpet, is desirable. That’s the guy, if you’re going to go for power. Even if you are a feminist, and I think most feminists would agree, there is just something about power that is inherently sexy.

“And maybe it’s an evolutionary, psychological thing that happens, from when we were all living in caves. You wanted the guy who was going to come home and feed your children, put a roof or cave over your head, and so on. It’s in our DNA, and it’s hard to get rid of.”

The conversation turned to the wives of President Jacob Zuma. “It was a very romantic speech he gave,” Magoulianiti-McGregor said, “about how other politicians have mistresses and girlfriends, and they try and hide it, and in the end he’s actually proud of his wives and he’s proud of his children. Which would be very romantic if it wasn’t for the odd … illegitimate child on the side.”

Nomvete then asked Magoulianiti-McGregor: “What about Khanyi Mbau? Why does she get such a raw deal?”

“I don’t think I gave her such a raw deal,” Magoulianiti-McGregor said. “But I think she’s an out-there person, she’s actually quite amazing and completely confident, and if I gave her a hard time I don’t mean it. I’m actually quite in awe of her. She’s got this persona, but in fact she’s got a lot of power behind her.”

The book also includes tips on how to get Michelle Obama’s arms, tips for sexy eating (including recipes) and a guide to the modern South African slang of relationships (including “Ben-10″ and “ATM Bomber”). The recipe for the perfect blow-job, however, was left on the editing floor …


* * * * * * * *

Jennifer Malec (@ProjectJennifer) tweeted live from the event using the hashtag #livebooks:



* * * * * * * *

Facebook gallery

Thanks to Kevin James Photography for some of these launch images.



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Join Justice Malala, Stephen Grootes and Clem Sunter for a State of the Nation Breakfast Seminar

State of the Nation Breakfast Seminar

Let Them Eat CakeDecision Makers invites you to State of the Nation Breakfast Seminars in Johannesburg and Cape Town with Let Them Eat Cake author, Justice Malala, Stephen Grootes and Clem Sunter.

Malala, Grootes (SA Politics Unspun) and Sunter (21st Century Megatrends) will discuss the current political and economic landscape.

They will seek to answer the following questions:

  • Who is steering this ship?
  • Is the National Development Plan dead?
  • Is Cyril Ramaphosa the next president or is time for a woman president?
  • How badly has the EFF rattled the ANC and the DA?

The first seminar will take place in Johannesburg on Thursday, 23 October, at the Sandton Convention Centre from 7 to 10:30 AM. The second will be in Cape Town at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on Friday, 21 November, at the same time. The entrance fee is R895 per delegate.


Cape Town

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Catch the Art of Dumile Feni Exhibition at Gallery MOMO in Johannesburg

The Beauty of the LineDumile Feni is the subject of The Beauty of the Line: The Life and Times of Dumile Feni by Chabani Manganyi. There is an exhibition of his works at Gallery MOMO in Parktown North that will run until 22 September.

Dumile Feni is “one of the most prolific 20th century artists in Africa”. He was born in 1942 in Worcester. As a child, he had a passion for carving and drawing. He began his career as an artist later on. He left South Africa in the late 1960s, going into exile in London. He ended up working in New York, where he died in 1991.

The opening for this exhibition was on 22 August. It features a number of Feni’s sculptures as well as works on paper. Nathi Khumalo photographed the event.

Facebook gallery

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Join George Hallett in a Weekend of Photography at Riebeek Kasteel

Moving in Time: Images of Life in a Democratic South AfricaGeorge Hallett, author of Moving in Time: Images of Life in a Democratic South Africa, is one of many photographers taking part in a weekend of photography in Riebeek Kasteel this Saturday and Sunday.

Hallett will be joined by Emma Willemse, Sandra Hanekom, Sue Hillyard, Nico Degenaar, Manus van Dyk, and others, in an event that is open to anyone interested in photography.

A group of local photography enthusiasts has arranged for a number of well-known photographers and artists to present a series of lectures and demonstrations on the diverse aspects of photography.

The two-day programme includes talks by photographers like George Hallett, Nico Degenaar and Manus van Dyk about landscape photography, night photography and star trails, as well as preparing for an exhibition.

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday, 6 and Sunday, 7 September, 2014
  • Venue: Riebeek Kasteel
  • Photographers: George Hallett, Emma Willemse, Sandra Hanekom, Sue Hillyard, Nico Degenaar, Manus van Dyk
  • RSVP: Joe Inns, 082 728 1865 or Alicia Greyling, 082 953 4450

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Martin Legassick to Speak at Marikana Day Commemoration Event

The Struggle for the Eastern Cape, 1800-1854Martin Legassick, author of The Struggle for the Eastern Cape, will engage in a panel discussion with Andrew Nash as part of the Marikana Day Commemorations.

The discussion will take place on 19 August at the University of Cape Town and forms part of the week-long event in memory of the miners who were killed during the Marikana massacre on 16 August, 2012.

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday, 19 August 2014
  • Time: 1:00 PM
  • Venue: University of Cape Town
    Cape Town | Map
  • RSVP: Faeza Meyer, 079 088 6566, or
    Ru Slayan, 083 273 7242,

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Duma Gqubule to Take Part in the Community Bua Lekgotla in Midrand

Making Mistakes Righting Wrongs: Insights into Black Economic EmpowermentDuma Gqubule, BEE expert and author of Making Mistakes Righting Wrongs: Insights into Black Economic Empowerment, is set to take part in the Community Bua Lekgotla: “Noth­ing About Us, With­out Us”.

The discussion, entitled “Polit­i­cal Econ­omy of Min­ing in South Africa – Towards a Peo­ple’s Min­ing Char­ter, A Per­spec­tive on Com­mu­ni­ties” and Organ­ised by Action­Aid South Africa, will take place on Thursday, 14 August, at the Eli­jah Barayi Memo­r­ial Train­ing Cen­tre in Midrand.

Gqubule’s fellow panelists include Joseph Math­un­jwa, Trevor Ngwane and Math­ews Hla­bane.

Don’t miss this fascinating discussion!

Event Details

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Mzwakhe Ndlela to Take Part in Panel on Women’s Role in Nation Building at Bloemfontein City Hall

For the Fallen: Honouring the Unsung Heroes and Heroines of the Liberation StruggleSowetan Dialogues invites you to attend a discussion on the role of women in nation building 20 years after democracy where an esteemed panel will attempt to answer the following questions: What role should women play in democracy? Does patriarchy still have a place in democratic society?

The panel features Mzwakhe Ndlela, author of For the Fallen: Honouring the Unsung Heroes and Heroines of the Liberation Struggle. He will be in discussion with Stanley Rwandarugali, Musa Mdluli, Alex Mthiyane, Brian Mpono, Sisi Mabe, and Mbuyiselo Botha.

The event takes place on Wednesday, 6 August, at the Bloemfontein City Hall and is set to start at 6 for 6:30 PM.

Don’t miss this interesting discussion!

Event Details

  • Date: Wednesday, 06 August 2014
  • Time: 6:00 PM for 6:30 PM
  • Venue: Bloemfontein City Hall
    President Brand Street
    Bloemfontein | Map
  • Guest Speakers: Stanley Rwandarugali, Musa Mdluli, Alex Mthiyane, Brian Mpono, Sisi Mabe, and Mbuyiselo Botha
  • RSVP: SMS “DIALOGUES” to 48470, SMSes charged at R1.50/SMS, or email
  • More information: Sowetan

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Video from the Launch of Wiseman Nkuhlu: A Life of Purpose by Luvuyo Wotshela

Wiseman NkuhluLuvuyo Wotshela’s biography on Wiseman Nkuhlu was launched at The Venue in Melrose Arch last month. Nkuhlu was incarcerated on Robben Island by the apartheid government at the age of 19 and later went on to become the first African Chartered Accountant and the economic adviser to former President Thabo Mbeki, as well as helping to craft the New Plan for Africa’s Development (Nepad) and taking a leading role in its Steering Committee.

SABC News was at the launch and interviewed Wotshela who highlighted the qualities that Nkuhlu has shown throughout his life: “Diligence, thorough preparation and good principles.”

Also in attendance was South Africa’s first black female chartered accountant, Nonkululeko Gobodo, who was inspired by what Nkuhlu has achieved and said of him: “He led and we followed”.

Former Auditor General Terence Nombembe was also there to pay his respects: “He truly has been a pioneer for our profession, someone to look up to as someone who has been courageous, who gives us constant strength never to give up no matter what.”

Watch the video of the launch:

YouTube Preview Image

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Justice Malala Emphasises the Importance of Managing Investors’ Perceptions of SA

Let Them Eat CakeTo ensure that foreign investors do not leave South Africa, Justice Malala, author of Let Them Eat Cake, says that we should do everything in our power to manage global perceptions of the country.

Malala was speaking at Glacier by Sanlam and TIME magazine’s thought-leadership forum [THE INSIDERS], where he was joined in conversation by economist Michael Jordaan, and chairman of Mauldin Economics John Mauldin.

“Perceptions of South Africa are not the same as they were 10 or 15 years ago, or even pre-Marikana. We must manage those perceptions,” Malala is quoted as saying in an article by InvestSA magazine.

According to Annetjie van Wynegaard, writing for Cover, Malala also criticised the money spent on Nkandla, saying “there is something fundamentally wrong with a society that allows one person to have a house built for R206 million”, and emphasised the importance of job creation.

Glacier by Sanlam and TIME magazine hosted another of their thought-leadership forums, [THE INSIDERS], at the JSE on 10 April. The panel – which comprised John Mauldin, chairman of Mauldin Economics and New York Times best-selling author; political commentator Justice Malala and MonteGray CEO Michael Jordaan – debated and discussed key issues pertaining to the economic and political landscape in South Africa, together with our standing in the international community.

The face of Africa?

South Africa has a lot going for it – two years ago we became a bona fide member of the BRICS community, we have the 17th largest stock exchange, we have a globally traded currency and we’re a member of the G20. In addition, our auditing and banking industries are considered world-class. We should be the face of Africa, so why are we seeing capital outflows?

Glacier by Sanlam and Time magazine hosted [The Insiders] on 10 April 2014 at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in Sandton. BBC World presenter Lerato Mbele moderated the panel of esteemed speakers: entrepreneur and economist Michael Jordaan, political commentator Justice Malala, and chairman of Mauldin Economics and New York Times bestselling author John Mauldin.

The panellists discussed the economic and political landscape in South Africa that affects investors every day.

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Ray Hartley at the Franschhoek Literary Festival (16 – 18 May)

How to Fix South AfricaRay Hartley, editor of How to Fix South Africa: The country’s leading thinkers on what must be done to create jobs, will be speaking at the 2014 Franschhoek Literary Festival, which takes place from 16 to 18 May.

Hartley will be speaking about South Africa’s political leaders and discussing the issue of media freedom and the financial factors that threaten it.

Saturday 17 May

SA’s Political Leadership Quagmire
10 AM – 11 AM (New School Hall)
Ray Hartley asks Adam Habib (SA’s Suspended Revolution), Rhoda Kadalie (In Your Face) and Prince Mashele (The Fall of the ANC) if, in their opinion, our leaders are sinking or treading water to stay afloat.

Sunday 18 May

It’s News to Me
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Old School Hall)
Ray Hartley gathers with journalists Simon Pearson, Martin Welz and Janet Heard to talk about press freedom versus the exigencies of declining readership, cost cutting and challenging ownership.

Book details

  • How to Fix South Africa: The country’s leading thinkers on what must be done to create jobs edited by Ray Hartley
    EAN: 9780620549882
    Find this book with BOOK Finder!

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