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Hussein Solomon: South African Government Should Do More to Stop ISIS on our Soil (Podcast)

Against All OddsRFI, the French current affairs radio station, spoke to Hussein Solomon, editor of Against All Odds: Opposition Political Parties in Southern Africa, about the 15-year-old girl from Cape Town who was intercepted and stopped from joining the Islamic State armed group (ISIS) in April this year.

Solomon, who also wrote Jihad: A South African Perspective, told RFI why the incident didn’t surprise him at all: “There’s an established presence of groups like Al-Shebab and Hezbollah in South Africa. More importantly there’s about 140 South Africans fighting for ISIS at the moment and so this just underlines the global threat that is ISIS.”

The academic warns that the South African goverment should stop being naive about the presence of radical extremists in the country and do more to stop it. He calls on religious leaders “to reclaim the faith as a moderate faith” and notes the importance of blocking certain website and reclaiming airwaves where communication around bona fide Muslim organisations are concerned.

Listen to the podcast, or read the article:


Do you think the South African government should be doing more to stop this kind of thing from happening?

Absolutely. For a long time the South African government even denied that there were radical extremists on South African soil, essentially playing ostrich. Only recently they started waking up to the threat. When I published a book two years ago pointing this out, I was attacked saying I’m making this up and so forth. And yet all my information was open source. If you look at the recent Al Jazeera leaks, the spy cable leaks, it is very apparent that the South African government knows where these paramilitary training camps are, but they’ve done nothing to stop it on South African soil.

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