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Fred Khumalo: Food Worth R61 Billion Goes to Waste Every Year, While Millions of South Africans Go Hungry

Zulu Boy Gone CrazyFred Khumalo, author of Zulu Boy Gone Crazy: Hilarious Tales Post Polokwane, wrote a column for Rand Daily Mail about the shameful waste of food in South Africa.

In South Africa, Khumalo writes, R61 billion worth of good food is disposed of in order to maintain the balance of supply and demand that keeps prices high and agriculture profitable.

Deliberate wasting of food happens in many countries. It is particularly shameful in South Africa, where 70 percent of poor urban households have insecure and limited access to food.

Read the column:

I must have been around 13 when I saw something that, even back then, I knew would stay with me for as long as I lived.

Walking back home from a farm in Cato Ridge where some of the township folk bought milk and eggs in bulk, my friend and I froze in our tracks when we saw a huge milk truck approaching us, its huge tank disgorging a flood of its content onto the gravel road.

Trying to be Good Samaritans, we gesticulated and shouted above the roar of the engine, trying to alert the driver to the fact that he had forgotten to close the tank at the bank.

He slowed down just enough to shout: “Don’t worry, my boys, that’s how the boss likes it!”

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