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Justice Malala: Dr Tim Noakes is Ruining My Life

Let Them Eat CakeLet Them Eat Cake author Justice Malala has written a column in which he states: “Dr Tim Noakes, the extremely personable sports scientist who advocates a high fat and low carbohydrate diet, is ruining my life.”

Malala continues, “The man says we have to pile in to the offal. I nearly caused an accident last week when I saw a newspaper poster saying Noakes had said poor kids must forget pap and eat animal organs. What? I was a kid once, and a poor one too, so here was my rather urgent question: was my whole life of subsisting happily on pap and a bit of tomato relish just a waste?”

Read his article in which he addresses this issue:

Noakes was launching a new nourishment regime for poor communities in the Karoo, the report said, and he held forth: “Carbohydrates drive hunger. They do not satiate us. Children in the Karoo can access animal organs but they are not eating the parts … that help them. The liver, marrow and organs are the healthiest.”

Now, when I was a kid battling away in the rural areas, liver was the food of the rich or the old geezers at family gatherings who got the choice cuts of whatever poor animal was for the slaughter. Liver was special, regarded as nutritious and too rich for us small ones. Now Noakes says it is exactly what I needed all that time I was a scrawny boy. Ho hum.

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